“And what, Socrates, is the food of the soul?
Surely, I said, knowledge is the food of the soul” 

– Plato

“And food for a healthy mind and body,

surely is the food made by Greeks.” 

– Creative Apron

Welcome to the epitome of Greek style entertaining – the Greek meze table

Made with “meraki”. This is one of a few Greek words that cannot be translated in English.  It means doing something with great passion and delight together. You will experience the “meraki” when Creative Apron creates your meze feast and you in turn devour in it.  Greek and Mediterranean products are the stars in all our food services. Some foods are not just “food” especially for ancient Greeks.  They were sacred elements like the olive tree, bread or wine which were considered gifts offered to humans by the Gods.  They are also accompanied with lots of symbols and legends. Enter the land of mezethes or meze, the famous small nibbles of Greece!  Each argument made zesty with tzatziki, each conversation moderated with spanakopita, each tradition wrapped in filo, each custom is accompanied by a lamb kefte.  Move over tapas, make room for meze!

This culinary custom drives from the ancient Greeks who believed that no guest should be welcomed, and no drinks served without a meze. With 3,000 years and many mezes later, these Greek nibbles remain, to our minds, the perfect party food.  That’s what we do…. we are Greek! Serve up a meze spread and make it the centre of the party.  Complete with our Greek table styling and your choice of a spirit or wine station – let the bouzouki play! As with all Greek food, the wonderful thing about meze, is the freshness of their ingredients.  An abundance of herbs and Greek olive oil and the variety of flavours, from earthy and meaty to zesty and sweet.  Creative Apron has always remained true on the emphasis on authentic raw ingredients, simple dishes without fussy sauces, created with love and family memories.  We don’t eat to live but rather live to eat!

Sharing a meze is always a social, lively gathering which revives the meaning of companionship. The more people gathered around the table the better! With the Mediterranean Diet on UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity list since 2013, Greek food is on the rise for several years now.  Rich in antioxidants, healthy fats, fibre, vitamins and minerals – it has also been linked to many favourable health outcomes. 

From this health perspective, trends are showing that consumers want to go back to basics – almost “meat and veg” or “paleo” like eating habits.  Our Greek cuisine offers this in abundance!…check out our range of unique greek groceries at our online shop here

Our interest in hospitality started with our parents who immigrated to Australia from Greece and started with the iconic take away shop.  We then continued this path into creating cafes & Greek restaurants in Sydney.  With three generations of hospitality expertise in cafes & restaurants across Sydney we aim to make any occasion a memorable journey.

From birthday’s, corporate or launch affairs to wakes – Creative Apron strives to deliver above your expectations.   Every effort will be made to accommodate special requests, requirements or custom menus with “meraki”.

As we Greeks say, Kali Orexi and Yia Mas!

Let us make your

next event one to remember



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